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Covid-19 Requirements

Am I vaccinated?

Sure am! Being vaccinated is important for both my own and my family's well being.

Do I perform weddings for unvaccinated couples?

I do not. However, if you have one or two unvaccinated guests, I will perform the ceremony within the unvaccinated restrictions- provided the guests show negative results 48hrs prior to the wedding. Please send me a screenshot of their results.

Do I perform weddings in unvaccinated venues?

I do not. However, if the ceremony is taking place outside I am fine with that, provided the unvaccinated venue restrictions are followed. Please ensure your wet-weather option is vaccinated to ensure I can perform on the day.

Will I wear a mask?

I will (a fabulous one!) at unvaccinated weddings before and after I speak.

Will I handle the rings?

If I am performing a fully vaccinated wedding, I am happy to hold the rings. If not, then I will leave that to you or your bridal party.

Covid-19: Clients
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